City-of-Portland-ProcurementThe City of Portland, Procurement Services seeks to engage with small and/or minority owned businesses who may be interested in providing graffiti removal services. Firms do not need to have prior experience specific to graffiti removal services. The City is willing to provide training on the required work to help develop the firm’s skills and provide experience in the trade.

General Scope of Work: Contractor shall provide graffiti removal from private property using solvent, pressure washing and/or paint-out. No sensitive work (murals). Work performed will be on the first level only (i.e. street level, no work higher than the first floor).

Awarded Contract(s): Multiple service providers are necessary for efficient and timely service to sites located citywide. The City intends to award contracts to multiple firms.

  • An informational “meet and greet” meeting will be held the second week of March. The meeting will be held in an accessible Portland location.
  • Firms that respond to me expressing interest in the project will be added to the meeting invitation.
  • The Project Manager will be at the meeting to provide the specifics of the project and outline the tasks involved with performing the work.
  • BONUS: Procurement Services Specialists will be in attendance to provide instruction to firms on how to submit a low bid and discuss the bid document and the bid forms. Procurement Specialists will be prepared to provide firms guidance on how to meet the compliance requirements for a City of Portland contract, and if needed, walk firms through a City requirement to help them understand and complete the process.
  • At the meeting, we want to hear questions firms have about the project, learn of their applicable work experience, skills and qualifications that are relevant to graffiti removal services, and learn of any potential barriers that may keep a small and/or minority owned business from submitting a bid for this project.
  • The project will be bid after the meeting and interested firms will be given adequate time to submit a bid to the City.

Please contact Theresa Green to have firm’s name added to the meeting invitation, or if you have any questions before the meeting.

Theresa Green, Procurement Supervisor
City of Portland: Procurement Services, Services Team
d: (503) 823-6837  c: (503) 823-8241
1120 SW 5th Avenue, Portland,JOR 97204