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Jeannet Santiago, Procurement Specialist, Washington PTAC

Jeannet Santiago has been with Washington State Procurement Technical Assistance Center (WA PTAC) as a Procurement Specialist that serves three counties in Washington; Clark, Skamania and Cowlitz for 6 years. WA PTAC is part of a nationwide network of dedicated procurement professionals working to help local businesses compete successfully in the government marketplace. Mrs. Santiago has been is Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Business Management for over 20 years. She has assisted hundreds of startups and existing businesses by providing resources and guidance; including the Latino business community. Mrs. Santiago has also established strong connections with strategic partners in the economic development community and government marketplace in Oregon and Washington; which adds great benefit to her clients. She has served for many boards and committees in her career; she is currently a City Planning Commissioner, Economic Development Committee member and Education Committee member for SWCA. Jeannet has a passion for assisting businesses grow, expand and succeed.



  • Location: Zoom
  • Cost: Free!

Recommended for:

For owners or sales managers of existing businesses who want to expand to the government marketplace.

Description of event:

Find out if your business is ready for government contracting and what steps to take to compete successfully in the government marketplace. Questions we will explore throughout the session include:

  • Is government contracting a fit for your business?
  • Is your company ready to work with government agencies?
  • What are the steps to prepare your business to work with the public sector?
  • What resources are available to assist you with the process?


If you have any questions about this event, send an email to natali@latinobuilt.org

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